About Us

aboutOur principle purpose is to educate, encourage and expand appreciation for fine art. Art is personal and collecting is often prompted by emotion...a response, a connection; a moment or memory; an appreciation for talent; a meaningful experience.
We are driven by the "art experience," it is contagious.

Bonner David Galleries brings together over 30 of the best representational and non-representational artist from around the globe showcasing our appreciation for various traditions in art history. A premier destination in Scottsdale for its dual-gallery concept; Bonner David embraces the continuum of art within its traditional and contemporary galleries.

Offering a welcoming and relaxed setting, Bonner David Galleries' is an unintimidating environment for everyone...the seasoned collector and those just beginning their art journey. Bonner David values our collectors and our consultants offer confidential recommendations about acquiring, locating and installing their priceless fine art. We truly understand the importance of variety, uniqueness and personalization of the art purchase.



Founded in 2002 by two “art lovers;” Christi Bonner Manuelito and Clark David Olson embarked on a journey to create an “outside the box” gallery concept.  A thriving artist herself, Christi’s feels a special connection with artists, her art background and BFA along Clark’s love of art as a collector and experience as a senior docent at the Phoenix Art Museum made them a great match! Together they selected a collection of artists who brought together their love of figurative, landscape, and realistic art, with a taste of the most well known and gifted contemporary artists.  Being built on relationships, Clark and Christi partnered with co-founder, Cher Redmond to bring their vision to reality and the gallery enduringly became “A Whole Family of Fine Art.”

In 2007, Bonner David Galleries expanded and the dual-gallery concept was born.  This established the gallery as one of the largest in Scottsdale.  In 2012, Bonner David welcomed a new Partner. Christi’s twin sister, Carri Baca, joined the Bonner David “Family.”  Her background in business administration and human resources management makes her an ideal and valuable addition as we venture into our second decade of Bonner David’s success.